Labradoodle Grooming Tips

Here are our expert tips for Labradoodle grooming...

Labradoodle Bathing

Labradoodles do not require frequent bathing. When they get muddy, you should allow them to dry and then brush the mud and dirt out of the coat.

Labradoodle Brushing

Labradoodles require frequent brushing to keep their coat tangle and matt-free, but the frequency will depend on your lifestyle, where you go walking and what length you keep their coat. 

You should brush following the direction of their coat, working from underneath and adding a little extra coat with each brush stroke. Work from their paws upwards and from their tail towards their head. 

Labradoodle Puppy Moult

Most Labradoodles go through puppy moult somewhere between 8 and 12 months old. This is when the puppy coat falls out and the adult coat grows in. Your Labradoodle will need very frequent brushing during this phase so that the puppy coat and adult coat do not felt together. This is often a good time to visit the groomer for a haircut to make the brushing more manageable!


Your Labradoodles eyes should be bathed with boiled and cooled water if they are dirty. It is important to trim the hair in the inside corner of their eyes and to thin out their fringe so that they maintain a clear line of vision. You should use a pair of round-end scissors for safety. 


Labradoodles ears should be cleaned regularly with an ear cleaning solution. Put some solution into each ear then gently massage each ear to bring dirt and wax to the surface. If your Labradoodles shakes their head, all the better, this helps to loosen the dirt. Use a cotton wool ball to wipe the ear clean. Some Labradoodles with thick, non-shedding coats need to have their ears plucked and you should use ear grooming powder for this.


Most Labradoodles need their nails trimmed a few times per year, this is something your groomer can do for you. If you walk your Labradoodle on pavements or sidewalks, this will help to keep their nails in check too. 

Sanitary Area

The coat underneath the tail should be clipped short to prevent matts and help keep the sanitary area clean.